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HELLO! I’m Evangeline Grace and I created this world called Linya101, where I [throw] keep all the things running in my head which are worth the memory space.

 One of my #lifegoals is to publish a book. And last 2015, this dream came true. Thanks to Bookware Publishing Corp. for opening the door to me, and also to Precious Pages Corp. for welcoming me to their family of successful stories and writers. I currently have five books (and counting) printed. To know more about them, click the photo.

I am a complicated being; I have a lot of things in mind that I want to tell the world but most of the time, I fail. If you really want to experience my complexity and uniqueness, I invite you to enter the different lobes of my brain. Ha-ha-ha! Click one of the choices above.

(c) Jo Erik San Jose 2016 | Give-a-Gift: “Treasure Box” at Unang Hakbang Foundation
Part of my complexity is the path I chose to travel in life. Complicated, indeed. I am a social worker by heart and by profession. To know more about what I do, click here.

Aside from doing everything above, I also create music and re-create some with my own version using guitar, ukulele, keyboards and the power of Adobe Audition software. If you want to listen to my originals and covers, click the photo.

Sulat lang para kumalma.

– Evangeline Grace