Color Blind

Society always breaks
The hearts of those
Who do not fit
The ideal ‘boy loves girl’
Or ‘girl loves boy’.

Why does society break
The hands of those fates
Intertwined by love and hate?
Like the man crossing the streets
With his boyfriend’s hand on his waist
Or that girl whose kiss
Landed on her girlfriend’s cheeks?

Why does the society’s eye
Is piercing through
The hearts of people
with diff’rent colors,
Pushing them to be
Just plain pink and blue
Discarding their vibrant rainbow hue?

The society just answered me
With verses from their books
Explaining their hate
With God’s words…
And then I understood
That society is generally good
But its eyes are color blinded
And shaded with hatred.
Hatred for those whose colors
Are undefined.
Hatred for those whose hearts
Are blessed with the freedom
To love any kind.

And therefore I conclude
That the society’s hatred
Only exists because
It does not see
The beauty of the rainbows.
Poor, society.


    • I’m so happy that this poem somehow made you braver. I don’t know you in person but I will always support you and will always be a supporter of rainbows! πŸ’œπŸŒˆ

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