I am Sherlocked

Just like Irene Adler, I may not admit but I am in love with Sherlock Holmes.

I am currently reading “The Definitive Book of Body Language” by Allan and Barbara Pease and at one point, I read this “reading”:

“A man in your life with the initial ‘S’ is exerting a strong influence over you right now…”

And I must admit, that person with the initial ‘S’ is none other than Sherlock Holmes. (He’s fictional, I know! Hahaha but I can’t help it!)

I’ve been watching the series and movies of Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. respectively and I can’t find any reason to stop my addiction. Hahaha!

Sherlock is a junkie, and maybe he’s influencing me to be a Sherlock-junkie. Huhuhu. Napupuyat ako ‘day, kakapanood at kakaulit na mapanood ang series. Kahit alam ko na ang mangyayari, I react as if hindi ko pa alam.


Iron Man vs. Doctor Strange

Well, sabi ng karamihan, hindi raw bagay kay Doctor Strange ang role bilang Sherlock. I disagree. Hindi ko rin naman sinasabing hindi ito bagay kay Iron Man dahil parehas nilang binigyan ng kakaibang personality si Sherlock. Although he was described differently by his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, both artists presented Sherlock as someone peculiar but nevertheless, believable, quirky and well… human. Ang gagaling din ng writers ng movie and series because of the alternative tweaks they made to the original story. Kumbaga, nasa parallel universe ang totoong kuwento at ang bagong kuwentong gawa ng movies at series. Lakas maka-Doctor Strange. Hahaha!

What I love most about the series is Eurus Holmes. Hindi ko in-expect ‘yon. I will not elaborate this dahil surprise siya. Hahaha! And I am also happy that SHERRINFORD was used in the series. Hehe. It was one of the names considered by Sir Doyle to be Sherlock’s name pero siyempre, Sherlock ang naging final name ng detective. Sherrinford is not forgotten. The characters who were added to make the timeline very ‘now’, they are all superb!

James Moriarty’s character in the movies of Iron Man was timed during the wars. So it was understandable that he was viciously described as a businessman who wanted to own the guns and the bandages. Siyempre nga naman, sa kanya bibili ng guns. At kapag nagkapatayan na after the war, sa kanya rin bibili ng bandages and medicines. He created conspiracy to start the war between French and German people.

James Moriarty’s character in the series of Doctor Strange was perfect for this millennia. If Sherlock was the consulting detective, he was the ultimate Consulting Criminal. He was described as the spider in the middle of a vast web farm. Alam niya kung kailan pagagalawin ang strands ng web. He was that good. Bagay siyang Moriarty for this age.

The winner for Mycroft Holmes for me is the one in the series. He was described as powerful and there were evidences of his power. He said he owns a minor position in the British Government but Sherlock described him AS THE British Government. In his own way, spider din siya. Plus, the artist for Mycroft Holmes or Mark Gatiss also wrote some of the episodes… Ang galing niya! Huhuhu.

For Dr. John H. Watson’s character, I love both artists. They both suited well as the life-saver slash best friend while Sherlock solves cases. However, what I love most about Dr. Watson in the series is his compassion and love for Sherlock. It was perfectly shown when he thought Sherlock died. His sadness and anger were believable. Kaya feeling ko, mas naipakita ni Bilbo Baggins ang emosyon doon kaysa kay Jude Law.

For those who haven’t seen the series yet, please watch. I’ll stop here. Hahaha.


Retired Sherlock Holmes

Because I am certified Sherlocked… I also watched Mr. Holmes starred by Magneto (Ian McKellen). It was about an unsolved case which pushed Sherlock to retire. Ang ganda lang because the movie showed how sad it is to grow old alone. I couldn’t stop crying. It also showed another side of the ‘cold’ Sherlock Holmes. Hindi naman pala siya cold all through out his life.


Ang masasabi ko lang, the original story, the movies, the series and the movie Mr. Holmes starring Magneto are not in any way made related to each other but they presented Sherlock as a lovable human hero hat detective. If you want to know what I mean, better start watching. ❤


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