New Year, No Phone

First of all, Happy New Year everyone and anyone who reads this blog!

I just want to stress that my new year’s resolution is NOT to “not use my phone as frequent as possible” (baka kasi malito kayo sa title, and expect that it is my new year paandar, haha!) because phones nowadays are necessary for business and work-related activities. In fact, my new year’s resolution is to blog as many as possible in the comfort of my smartphone, track my expenses using a designated application, update my calendar for important events, and use applications to monitor orders for my small online book shop.

Eh, paano na?

Two days ago, my phone’s LCD was changing colors with lines and blurs I could not comprehend. Then the morning after that, the screen was all white, then it faded into black… and poof! The phone was unresponsive anymore. It wouldn’t open or charge even with the hard reset.

My notes on that phone are all precious to me. AND I NEED THEM. Huhuhu. But I don’t know how.

So yeah. I just blogged today to express my deepest sorrow of losing my notes. If you know how to retrieve them, please let me know.

iPhone 5s

  • I tried researching for LCD replacement or repairs and it would cost me a lot huhuhuhu. Not my first option.
  • I tried looking for simple troubleshoot and I found one but I don’t have the tools with me.

Please help me.

Crying inside and hoping,



  1. Hi, Evangeline! Happy new year to you! 🙂 hope you you had a blast and sana maayos na yung trouble sa phone. However, have you tried syncing your notes to your account? That’d be useful. If not, then you can try it the next time you had a new phone so you can easily retrieve stuff 🙂

    • Sad to say, hindi ako nakapag-sync ng notes or anything. 😦 Kaya pupunta na lang ako sa shop to get it fixed. Thank you sa iyong advice. Next time, I’ll sync everything. Hehe

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