PHR Grand Fans Day 2017 

I have been a reader since I was in high school and a romance writer since 2015 but it was my first time to attend the Grand Fans Day of Precious Hearts Romances (PHR), a Filipino and Tagalog imprint of pocketbooks. And I never thought it would be so much fun!

Samantha Blanche, my writer friend and I arrived at the new PHR Building (Yes! We have a new building! Yey!) and was amazed by how PHR, in its previous office inside the printing warehouse, transferred into a beautiful and sleek office. It’s also convenient for writers like us who would visit the office to deal with other concerns because it’s just a walking distance from the public utility vehicles’ drop off zone.

Going inside the building was such a “WOW” moment for me. It was really amazing! The preparation for the event was superb! There were designated chairs for guests, bloggers, writers and readers. 

The set up! Sosyal!

There it is! My chair! ❤️
Designated chairs for guests, bloggers, writers and readers

The program started at past 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The place was glistened by writers and loyal readers. Ang dami! I was touched by the prayer led by Ms. Edith Garcia, Brand Manager of PHR. The Grand Fans Day was really meant to thank those people who stayed loyal to Tagalog Stories published by PHR. 

A tear-jerking message was given by non other than the father of PHR we love the most, Mr. Segundo Matias. Again, he thanked everyone who always defend PHR to thousands of Filipino bashers. (Mga Pilipinong nambabash ng kuwentong sulat at gawang Pinoy. Amazing ‘di ba?)

Afterwards, there was nooooo better way to open and set the mood of the program than Sir Noel Cabangon! Playing “Kanlungan“, with his soulful way of playing his guitar, everyone in that event fell in love. Huhuhu. I was literally fangirling over him while he was singing. The program’s theme was “Tuloy-Tuloy ang Kilig” and he literally set the mood for that kilig moment! He also sang Tadhana of UpDharma Down and Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko

His performance was followed by dance number from Jasmine Esperanza’s fan’s club and song presentation of PHR writers, Amanda, Emerald and Gezille.

And dance performances from Vanessa and Rose Tan’s fan groups. There was a raffle game with enticing prizes (Yes! For me! Hard Drive mga besh!) and ‘Bring Me’ game. 

Items from our favorite writers were auctioned. Bids start from Php 500.00. The auction would be held at the Cinema of the building. Yes! There’s a cinema, 50 people max can be accommodated.

  1. A notebook from Ms. Sonia Francesca with her notes on writing, some story stuff and other jewels inside. 
  2. Two notebooks from Ms. Sofia where story schedules of her past manuscripts were written. 
  3. A pair of red shoes from Ms. Rose Tan

Writers who attended the event were introduced. We were called infront and they gave us red roses. Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! 

Book launching of new series and new titles was made super kilig by Volts Vallejo. He sang love songs in between the introduction of book titles. 

We also had the chance to see the Writers Lounge. It’s a small room with mug collection. Yep! It’s like Grim Reaper’s teacups collection in the KDrama “Goblin” but our mugs have our writer’s name on it. 

Writer’s Mug Collection

Here’s mine: JEL EVANS

In the end, I was really amazed by how much the readers love PHR. No matter how others bash Tagalog pocketbooks, there will always be loyal readers and loyal writers who are ready to defend PHR. 




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