The Irony of the Couple Sunglasses

THEIR HANDS met, reaching for the same book.

“Oh. I’m sorry. Are you going to read it?” the woman in black jacket asked. She immediately stepped back.

“N-no. I was just scanning through the library shelf. You can have the book if you want,” replied the man and also took one step back.

It was a sunny day. And while I was enjoying my favorite book in the public library, I witnessed the encounter of the two.

It must be the work of destiny, I said to myself.  

Maybe Cupid has something in mind for the man and woman. I noticed that they were both young-looking. Something in my gut told me that they have a lot in common. I could play Cupid, too! I also noticed that both of them wore dark sunglasses.

Couple sunglasses, I teased silently.

Though it looked funny wearing dark sunglasses indoors, it was not unusual because I came here wearing one earlier. The large windows of the library welcomed the sunlight, making the place so bright. Some parts were too bright that was why I stationed myself in the comfort of the wall, blocking the intense sunlight.

I continued reading my book but also tried to listen to the conversation of the new love team.

They walked slowly then carefully sat meters away from me and resumed with their conversation. I could barely hear them but they seemed to be getting along well. Nobody remembered the book.

Minutes passed by and I became so engrossed with what I was reading, I didn’t notice the time. When I looked around the library, the man and woman with couple sunglasses were still talking discreetly.

Cupid did a great job, I told myself.

I stood up, placed the book in the table beside them and I clearly heard what the woman asked her new found companion:

“How about you? What are you doing here in this place?” she asked.

“Same thing as you being blind but happily roaming in a public library. I want to know how it feels like to hold a book and act like reading them when in fact, I am blind,” he answered and let a chuckle out.#

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