Topic of the day: EDSA

Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue or EDSA is the biggest parking lot in the Philippines. Char! Hahaha!

It’s one of the main roads of Metro Manila, connecting North to South. It’s a big parking lot only because of severe traffic every single day. No matter how hard the government tries to introduce different remedies and traffic systems, EDSA won’t just cooperate.

EDSA is actually famous not just because of traffic but because of EDSA People Power during the time of late and former Philippine President Corazon Aquino. It was a power which brought freedom to the Filipinos under the iron hands of late and former president Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.

But I’m not writing now to re-tell that historical event or whatsoever about the past. I chose EDSA as the topic for today because as I type this article, I am on a sarao traveling home. And my map says EDSA. 😎

What about this huge avenue?

There’s nothing to tell. I am already at my destination.


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