Inner peace and happiness

We are living in a world accustomed to being attached with something. We cling to people, we hold on to memories, we attach ourselves to things which make us feel happy or feel good or even sad sometimes. We are so comfortable being sentimental with people, things and memories that we unconsciously forget or deliberately ignore one of the core foundations of what we have become: OURSELVES.

Every time I go out, I see people around me surrounded by people who care about them. I think that is beautiful—we keep our lives happy by keeping close those who love us. But some keep people so much that they rely on them too much. They depend their happiness to that particular thing, person or memory and when finally they’re gone, they vanish with them, too. There’s none left with the person he/she was once before.

I’d like to emphasize that we are as important as those people we value. We share the same importance and deserve the same degree of care. So let’s start taking care of ourselves from now on.

See FIVE tips to find inner peace and happiness:

  1. If someone hurt you, do not expect an apology. Just forgive and move on. BUT when someone’s hurt because of you, apologize. That’s the least you could do. Free yourself from hatred and refrain from hurting others intentionally or not.
  2. Forgive people for your own peace of mind and heart. It’s better to breathe if you know you’re not holding grudges.
  3. Be with yourself. Have time for yourself regularly. Watch movie alone, cook for yourself, treat yourself in the spa, rent a videoke and sing your heart out, travel alone and many others but this time, do it with yourself.
  4. Pray for Heaven’s grace. If you are a believer, let’s remember that we are made FOR God and not the other way around. Therefore, we need to ask for our God’s guidance so we may find real happiness in our lives. Let God work His wonders.
  5. Lastly, do not just exist in this world. You have to LIVE. Whether there are people who are always ready to pick you up and help you out whenever you’re in need, enjoy your life while learning to do things alone. Explore, make mistakes, learn, cry, laugh, love, be crazy and everything. Conquer your fears, fight for what you believe in, empathize with the world and make remarkable changes. We only live once so we have to embrace life. Remember that life will only bring you the best it can offer if you let yourself live on it.

How do you make yourself happy? As in truly, genuinely happy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.#

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