What I did last Valentine’s Day 2017

I did nothing but cry.

But don’t get me wrong. I didn’t cry because I was dateless.

Posted here are the reasons why my tear ducts were active on February 14, 2017.

THAILAND is very famous for producing heartbreaking commercials and advertisement videos for everything. Their creative teams have effective tear jerking concepts that would make you cry real hard even after you have watched the video several times.

Philippine companies are now investing to these kinds of advertisements and YouTube and Facebook help them promote their amazing work (since television screening requires limited number of seconds for a commercial and it costs a lot of money).

On January 2017, at the height of Miss Universe 2017 Pageant, BOYSEN released its three-part commercial featuring a KDrama-look-alike advertisement. On February 2017, Jollibee Corporation released three of its newest ads which made a lot of people cry: CRUSH, DATE, VOW.

BUT unknown to many of us, there are other companies releasing their videos in YouTube and some would really make you cry like a baby. All I can say is that the writers of these commercials better be paid high enough. Nekekeiyeeeek!

EDEN CHEESE’S Mother’s Day Advertisement 2016

A touching video about a father who does everything for his daughter… This is a reminder that MOTHERHOOD is not just for women.


NIDO’S A Mommy’s Sacrifice

When all of us thought that our mother has NO MAGIC like our dad… Watch and re-learn where the magic has been hiding all this time…


HAPLOS Commercial

Most of the comments in this video didn’t really appreciate the commercial. BUT whatever they say, this is really amazing. Fathers will do anything for their children.



Ginalingan ng Jollibee. Wala na akong masabi.

SOOOO. That’s it. I hope your eyes are OKAY after watching the four videos above. Hahahaha!


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