First love is dead

ASIDE from the old saying “Honesty is the best policy,” the world still has one more line that is widely and commonly used— “First love never dies.”

Million poems and thousand songs were already written and sung about too many first love experience. They said it’s real. They said it would take forever for you to forget your first love. For some, it never dies. But for me and for all those who would like to agree, yes it does.

I can say mine died by a natural death. It was not a forced death or a suicide kind of thing. I let it get into me until I found my eyes dry enough and my heart felt hurt enough. Love doctors may say that I did all the love remedies I can think of just to make its life longer. BUT a love that is bound to die, will surely die in the end. It will only cause you so much pain if you hold on to it or if you hope for its longevity. Life extension is not an option for a love that is bound to die. You need to let it die so you may live again. You need to live.

The only difference between first love’s death and real person’s death is that we do not mourn after we buried it 6 feet down the memory lane. We rejoice and celebrate because we’re finally free; finally unburdened by the heartbreak. Thus, it is true that some deaths are not painful but a huge relief.

So how about you? How did your first love die?

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