Fifty kids. Fifty gifts. Fifty smiles.

First give-a-gift project. ❤


All it takes is fifty genuine smiles to warm our hearts this Christmas season.


A simple yet worthwhile gift-giving was held last December 11, 2016 for fifty children at Unang Hakbang Foundation (UHF), Welfareville, Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City.


Armed only with gifts, game activities and prizes, humor, and most importantly our big hearts for the little ones, we were successful in making these children happy even just for a day.

It all started with the desire to give and to share the happiness that goes with the act of giving. The Give-a-Gift Project organized by Team Tamad started this 2016. Its first theme is “Treasure Box” with the idea of sponsoring children with gift boxes (not literally) this Christmas season. Donors willingly responded to the call [a Facebook post] to share either cash or gift for 30 children. However, through God’s amazing work, one Ate Santa Claus donated cash…

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