Listen to my thoughts

I can’t feel happiness in what I do anymore. I feel like all the people around me is working for a god. Which I don’t like. Because I became a social worker not to serve a god and please a god but to serve humanity.

There is one god in this institution. And this god has created little gods like him to rule over us, the professionals, but treating us like peasants. I am not a peasant. I want them to change how they treat us and how they rule. But my voice and my thoughts have no match against these gods because really… Who am I?

So, the only thing that I can do to save myself is to leave as quietly as possible. I know I cannot and will not change anything in this organization. Because the little gods have so much power, like a leech sucking life from the god of all gods. They want money. They want fame. They want to be the apple of the eye of that major god.

And so, I will leave in peace. Because I know, wherever I may be, I can serve humanity. And I can serve better without them.

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