My motivation and few of my eccentric rituals before writing

Writing is a form of expression─ a form of expressing oneself. Psychologists say that writing is a therapeutic activity especially for those who experience trauma, depression and anxiety. Sometimes, it is also a way of expressing how happy you are at a particular moment. When you write about something, your experience or moment will become timeless. Years from now, you can still read it, share it on social media and people might be inspired because of your writing.

That is why I always love reading blogs about travel and life. I am always amazed by their writing styles. They can even catch my attention just by reading the title of their article. They have huge “English bank” because they use simple yet different words to fill the content of their articles.

I was inspired by a travel blogger. She doesn’t write about travel itineraries alone, but rather, she also writes about her realizations, her experiences while on the road. She made me realize that there is a big possibility for me to travel the world even if you are a school drop out, jobless and uncertain about everything. She made me realize that I can be who I want to be and no one can dictate or question me about being me. She differs from all other travelers I follow. She travels because of food, culture, way of life, language and other things. Thus, she stays in a city or country for many weeks and live with the people. She’s not like those travelers who explore cities in 4-5 days just for tourism.
From writing to traveling. Ha-ha-ha! I know I was lured out of the topic but, hey! Let me make those two connected! To make it simple, I want to travel while writing. Not to gain money from it but to actually tell a story and share to others the joy in what I do.
I have a regular job and it is a profession far from writing. I don’t have a degree in journalism or creative writing or mass communication. But I want to put in writing all my experiences while doing my profession. Traveling while doing my job as a social worker can be both tiring and challenging but also, REWARDING─ morally and emotionally. In my present job, I am being assigned into different places to conduct trainings on psychosocial support. It is an exciting job because I get to visit places for free while also earning travel points that I can claim for future free flights.
I redeemed a free flight using the points I got from constant traveling via my work. I am bound to Coron, Palawan on July 2016 and I will be writing about it soon!
From writing to traveling to my profession. So what motivates me to write? I posted the same question on my Facebook wall and these are the answers I got:
1. Bills – I think the one who answered this use his writing skills to earn money and pay his bills.
2. The story itself. – The one who answered this is a writer and she is being inpired by her stories’ characters.
3. Things to buy – Maybe the writer who answered this has a lot of things in mind that he wanted to buy after being paid for his stories.
4. For fame
5. To express
6. To attend concerts – The writer admits that the money she earns for writing goes to concert tickets
Yeah. I get motivated by bills and by my writing dreams, too. But for a direct answer, what keeps me motivated is writing itself, traveling experience and my profession. I can get a lot of ideas from my millenial traveling and from my profession. There may be many people like me who travel, work and have fun. They may have published so many stories about the places and things they have done. But I want that too. I want my own experience to be told by no other than ME. So, I struggle in this world of ink and dots to make a line for my dream to write.
It’s really hard to put myself in “in the mood” for writing. Especially when I am writing as Jel Evans─the romance novelist. Yeah. Aside from writing anything under the sun, I also write romance novels for a publishing company. Though I am a freelancer, I want to purse writing stories for them because it’s something that makes me happy and it makes me different from all the rest in my profession: social worker-slash-writer.
Again, one of writer’s big challenges is being in the mood to write. It takes a lot of discipline especially if writing is your main job. There are many blogs and tips out there on how to put yourself in the mood. But being a multi-tasking individual, below are the rituals that work for me:
1. Read one romance novel.
2. Set up my writing desk, my writing chair and connect the desktop keyboard to the laptop. (‘Cause I find it easier to type on large desktop keyboards)
3. Plug earphones and play music that I can’t understand. Japanese rock and Korean songs work for me.
4. Pray to God.
5. Drink plenty of water. Why? Because I know my eyes need break from the computer which I can only do whenever I go to the bathroom to pee.
6. Pray─harder this time.
7. Review the last paragraph or chapter or story line or notes I have written for the story and force myself to write the next line.
8. Force myself a little more.
9. Write… until I don’t notice the time and place.
What are your rituals before writing? Let me know what you think!


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