Social Worker’s Journey: Using my gifts to serve

One person can have multiple talents. I call them ‘gifts’ from God. Some use these gifts to make money. Some, for entertainment. Some, in allegiance to the leftists.

I, use it to serve others.

It was 2011 or 2010 when we were assigned at a certain orphanage in Nueva Ecija. We were in 3rd year BS Social Work back then.

Ate Neth, one of my classmates, and I, were reporting there twice every week. There was nothing much to do but the everyday routines of the children.

Our usual schedule:

  1. Arrive in the morning and start cleaning the rooms, chapel, backyard, etc. By this time, the children are at school.
  2. Doing our school stuff.
  3. Help the house mothers prepare for lunch of the children.
  4. Play with the children.
  5. During weekends, we spend playing with them. After lunch, they are supposed to have siesta.
  6. When they wake up at 3PM, it’s PLAYTIME!

Basically, above were our usual activities. However, during Advent season, the children are invited to different parties/church activities to sing for the holy mass. They also perform/ sing carol songs during the parties or visits of different groups for them.

They know different song pieces and dance numbers. Even the deaf and mute groups of the school (the orphanage manages a school for special children), wonderfully and unbelievably dance.

When I first saw the performance, I asked their teacher how the children hear the music. She said, they could feel the thump, the beat. 🙂 Amazing, right?

So, there.

I taught the children some additional song pieces, mostly, Christmas songs.

Me, while teaching them a Christmas Song.

And even if I don’t know how to dance, I taught them simple moves, too! Hahahaha!

It was so fun to work with them. And so fun to be a Social Worker! 

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