#3 – The Vessel (My Own Home)

Today, I will write about that one vessel/ship or any vehicle that would take me to places. And since I am most likely to have seasickness everytime I am in a vessel, I am going to talk about my dream ‘house-on-wheels’.

I am fond of watching FYI Channel that features tiny house living. It brought me to a realization that I don’t need to live in a huge palace and be stuck in one place forever. I could live simple and tiny, just the essential things inside the house, and spend away my money to traveling and other things I enjoy. 

Some tiny houses have wheels and it could be attached to a jeepney/ car and you could bring it wherever you want it. 

I want just like that. 

Tiny house (on wheels or not) with kitchen, living room, bedroom, toilet and small bath ~~ these are the essential rooms I want in my own house. 

If I were an architect, I would draw in detail this house. 

I am not. So just imagine it. Hahaha!

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