#2 – The Unrequited Love Poem

Dear You,

Whenever I look at you – with stars and hearts and everything nice.

Whenever I hear you – the music is melodious, harmonized, classic, soothing.

Whenever I imagine you – ecstatic heartbeat, wide smile.


You don’t look at me, and don’t even know that there is one ME in your existence.

You don’t know that I’m listening… Always listening to you saying how much you love her.

You imagine her, not me. I don’t seem to belong into your world. 

Dear You,

You are my sunshine, the water that quenches my thirst, the flame that warms me, the voice that tells me…

To love you more.

Because you’re so loveable.

Your eyes smile. Your voice sings. Your move dances. You just brightens up everything in my dark eternity. 

Dear You,

I saw you. 

You smiled at her, I wish you smiled at me, too. 

You held her hand, I wish your palm was holding mine, too. 

You kissed her forehead, I wish you blew me one, too. 

You carried her things and drove her home, I wish you walked me up to my house, too. 

Dear You,

There are so many things that you want from her, many things she want from you, too.

But here I am, wanting only one thing.

Only one moment. 

That you’d tell me.

That you’d feel. 

That you’d realize.

That I was here. 

That I am still here. 

That I will always be here. 

Watching you smile at her. 

Watching you love her. 

Hoping that one day, you’ll turn your eyes, your heart, your love…

To me.

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