#1 – Outside the window

Night time. Clouds. Stars. Moon.

The view outside is a stunning landscape of the moon with clouds and stars peeking through spaces of these cotton-like haven.

Beautiful as it may seem, the temperature and dryness of the season will make you think twice. 

I wish I could see the rain dripping from the rooftop to the roofs of my apartment. I wish I could hear the silent roar of the wind and if I may choose, may the wind be at its coldest. For this feeling, after I came out of the shower, is a personified purgatory – like I am just meters away from a burning fury – like I want to sleep inside the toilet and dip myself on a huge bucket of water.

The weather is hot… And so I wish I could fly to North Pole, where there is a never-ending snow. For right now, heaven is where cold weather is.
I wish… I wish… I wish…

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