Nature Photography Challenge: Day 6

I’ve accepted #naturephotographychallenge and it’s already DAY 6: Kapurpurawan, somewhere in Ilocos Norte, 2015.


I would like to thank my job. Hahaha. I traveled for free for my birthday. Hehehe. Well, not actually a leisure travel but I initially came to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte to conduct a training on Psychosocial Support. After the training in Vigan where I celebrated my b-day, the next day, I rode the bus going further north — Ilocos Norte.

After the training in Laoag, my good colleagues there showed me what to love in Ilocos Norte. Ahihi. I fell in love with the nature’s art. ❤️ My back-to-back Ilocandia Training/Tour is one of my favorite travels in my entire existence. No need to explain. (Insert soundtrack: Paradiso) LOL. 😂

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