Nature Photography Challenge: Day 3

I’ve accepted #naturephotographychallenge and it’s already DAY 3: Sky Cycling at Eden Nature Park, Davao City, 2013.

My two ‘bestest’ friends and I went to Davao City on DIY Itinerary. Hahaha! It was so memorable. It was the first time we flew away from Nueva Ecija’s pasyalan together.

So here it goes… We all know that Mt. Apo, the tallest mountain of the Phils. is situated somewhere between Davao and other provinces of Mindanao. Hahaha. We saw a blue public jeepney with a sign “Mt. Apo”. Thinking that the destination was the real Mt. Apo, we rode the PUJ. (Sorry na. Hindi pa uso research sa amin noon.) Hindi kami bumababa. Hahahaha!

Until we were told by Kuya Arnold (the driver) that there is a street there called “Mt. Apo”. Hahahahahahahaha! Soooo. We just talked to him and rented his jeepney so he could take us somewhere nearer to the real Mt. Apo. Lol. #sorrynasagrammar

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