To my boyfriend who is hundred miles away from me…

TODAY marks our first year anniversary.


We may be physically apart, but our hearts and fates are entangled with each other. This I know because even with this distance that seem to be the reason why it hurt everyday, I still love you and it grows every single second.

Once, I have read a quote saying that every day is one step closer to the day we are going to meet face to face with no more distance between us. That is why I was so glad to wake up this morning. Because today is another day closer to holding you next to mine.

Celebrating our first anniversary is a bit hard for me because all the things that I want to tell you that I have not found the right words could simply be a one tight hug if you are here with me. Or a deep kiss. Or happy tears. Or just a whole day cuddle. If I could just hold you near me. If I could just look into your eyes.

There are hundreds of what ifs and endless anniversary plans that run into my head. But I just could not make that happen because we are far from each other. What I did was to list all of those plans so I could finally make it happen when you and I are already together.

There are other couples out there who celebrate their anniversary the way we celebrate ours… phone calls and messages. Some really made an effort to make their day special. I admit, it makes me sad, knowing that one of us never really put an effort to contradict fate. Neither of us risked to travel that 266.568 miles between us. But that’s okay. I believe that the perfect time will come for the two of us. Being apart on this day does not mean that this is not a special day. It will always be special for us – together or not.

Long distance could make us forget each other. But in my case, I always remember you. You are always in my mind. I can even feel your touch, your kiss and hear your voice telling me the same.

I just want you to know that I love you. The distance will not make our heart grow apart. Thus, we’ll make sure to keep the string of love holding our hearts together, warm and strong.

Don’t give up, love. In every waking day, we know that we are one more day closer to seeing each other.

Happy 1st anniversary. I love you.

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