My New Home

Dear Self,

It’s 1:00 AM and you have completed your website on Congratulations! I’m very proud of you. You’ve been thinking about making a site for a long time now where you can post all you want, share your mind and just be YOU.

Thank you for staying up late for this. I really appreciate your effort and time, given that you have to go away again soon for your job and mission.

This shall be your first post. Every year, I want you to celebrate this day because you have successfully started something that you shall continue everyday, every week or until forever.

Promise me you won’t get tired of blogging your thoughts. You have a mind as wonderful as the ocean. There are so many possibilities waiting for you. Keep thinking about it. Keep dreaming about it. Keep making it come to life.

Again, congratulations to your new ‘home’. We shall not forget: Dream BIG. Start small. Go with GOD.

Best regards,

Evangeline Grace

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